Professional service with a honesty guarantee !


  • Qualified Tradesman Owner- Andrew Hudson and knowledgeable, friendly staff.
  • We service the Rodney area.
  • We offer on the farm slaughter service for beef only.
  • Your stock is killed stress free in their own relaxed environment.
  • Your stock is tagged from kill right though till the end finished product.

Sheep and Pork

  • Sheep and Pigs need to be delivered.
  • We slaughter at our Kaipara Flats slaughtering shed.
  • The environment is very relaxed.
  • No mess it's at our processing facility not at yours.
  • Efficient temperature control.

Recreational Catch

  • We accept recreational catch in a clean hygenic state.
  • Smoking facility is available.

Smoking, Curing and Small Goods

We have a wide range of flavours and good old Dr Huds secret recipes.

  • Pickled Pork traditional flavour to give you a moist easy to eat product.
  • Mutton Hams flavour cured with a light smoke to give it succulent flavour.
  • Corned Beef traditional flavour with added Dr Huds secrets.
  • Bacon and Ham with added Dr Huds secret recipes that will melt in your mouth.
  • Sausages with flavours and Dr Huds special recipes best sausage you could taste.
  • No need for sausage champions they are champion.
  • Lean mean meat patties with great taste.
  • Salami's that will make your mouth water.
  • Beersticks
  • Borewors